Outreach Services

For handfastings, weddings, on-site cleansings, and other rituals select “Officiant Services”.  For prison ministries, hospitals, and institutions, select “Ministry Services” Prayer and Energy Requests or Tarot Readings under Donation Services below.  Available in Arkansas, U.S.A.

Donation Services

Prayer and Energy RequestsEnergy & Prayer Requests

Your donation pays for candles, herbs, oils, and other tools used in fulfilling your request. ($5 donation recommended)

Energy & ReadingsTarot Readings by SylphMoon

Gain insight and direction. ($25 donation recommended)


As discussed with SylphMoon, add this $1 item to your cart and then adjust the quantity in your cart until the total equals the agreed upon donation.

$10 Donation


Items will appear below after you add them to your request.