The Mission

     Welcome To The Crossroads Ministry.

The Ministry is designed to help advocate for Pagan/Wiccan rights in all institutions and serve the community’s spiritual needs. We are a non-profit organization that seeks nothing in return but to be able to support our community.

The Crossroads Ministry’s mission is to provide authentic information about Wicca and other Pagan religions to interested inmates and prison staff and to assist Pagan prisoners’ study and practice their religions. The Crossroads Ministry sends priestesses and priests into prisons to counsel, teach, and lead rituals. We offer other clergy work with inmates by mail, answering questions, and addressing study. We are restricted only by the availability of qualified volunteers and the cost of transportation to outlying prisons.

The Crossroads Ministry offers services not just to prisons but hospitals,

Rehabilitation centers, AA, NA, and other institutions



 For more information or to speak with the founder about our services: